Our Story

"Everything you wanted to know about us"

Established in 1998, over 19 years ago, by the great meeting of Philippe Deveza and Jean Michel Rousselly and a small group of people passionate about creation and who were determined to put customer's needs first. It was exciting time of fast growth and it laid the foundations for the corporate values that this entreprise still hold today.

Our growing reputation for reliability and efficiency has fuelled our development. The strength of our business today enables us to provide service and solutions to our customers requirements anywhere in the world.

In 2005, Sola Harun, majored from the American Business School of Lyon and having in his background a high experience of corporate institutions, joined the team as Managing Director bringing new development perspective for the company.  

"Our product range reflects the unique Indonesian craftsmen aims to show the different styles of furniture we could manufacture."

Our headquarter located in Jepara, Central Java supports field-based great furniture makers, local engineers and designers. Our team of 265 people serves the needs of a wide range of customers from all around the world.

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"Our business ethos"

KOBEKS business ethos remains firmly rooted in the fundamental principles of sound judgement, uncompromising quality and caring about people whether they are staff, colleagues, business partners, suppliers or customers.

Our vision remains the same : to bring innovative ideas, serve our customers well, deliver quality goods and services on time, keep our promises, look after our staff and manage the business efficiently. In today's highly competitive world when everyone's 'wants goods cheaper and faster', achieving this vision is a challenge.

Our experience is that ultimately good quality and great service pay off because customers are mainly long term partners and new customers come to us from our reputation and positive energy.

Our goal is to drive superior business performance and enhance our contribution to society.

Sola Harun T.

Managing Director / CEO

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